Acrylic Pouring

Acrylic pouring (fluid painting) has become a huge craze over the past couple of years. There are quite literally hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of videos on YouTbue of various means and methods of doing it - which is why I haven't linked one, because it would be impossible to choose something without wanting to choose a dozen more.

Since it's quite a messy process, it's something I've only tried in a minor sense. I have no room to do this kind of work properly, and no room to store canvas, so I only work on paper (for the time being - which you can also do pouring on, and not only with acrylics, but watercolour pouring is a much different kettle of fish that I'm not going to touch on - but you can find that on YouTube as well). This kind of creation is not new, and forms of it have been around since Jackson Pollock and the other action abstractionists splattered their first canvas. I tend not to like action painting, and have never hidden the fact that I hate Pollock's work; but I've also never hidden the fact that I adore the doors it opened.

I have always disliked the barriers artists, or at least some aspects of the arts community, have placed between themselves and the masses; making art a niche meant only for the few. I have always believed that everyone is capable of creating, it's just a matter of finding the means by which it works for them - and that's not always traditional arts.

I've always wanted the creative in others to be encouraged, which is why this acrylic pouring craze is so fabulous. While it may be messy, it's also easy (and cheap, if that's required, since you can use dollar store paints to do it if that's what you can afford). It's allowing people who previously didn't do much that was creative, whether through fear or something else, to do something that gives them a feeling of accomplishment; and, more importantly, a great deal of joy. The results may not always be beautiful, but they're always interesting; and it's so easy to start and keep going, that it encourages them to keep trying, and trying different things. The only downside, if it means anything to you, is that they are apparently hard to sell. Straight-up non-representational abstracts can be like that.

So here's to acrylic pouring, the current great democratiser of acrylic painting.

2018 08 20 - 20:35