Why I was not getting your texts, and now will

So, weird texting issue.

When I was in the store a couple off weeks back to set up service with a new mobile provider, we used a sim card from another phone to make sure mine was unlocked. Apparently that phone was from an iPhone, and automatically connected my phone with the iMessage network.

I don't have an iPhone. I use Signal on my Android phone for texting.

Having my phone connected with iMessage though, means that when anyone used iMessage to text me, it was going to someone else - very likely the person whose sim card we tested with.

I have since been deregistered from the iMessage network, and should be able to get texts just fine from everyone now.

Addendum: If this happens to you, make sure your iPhone-using friend deletes the entire text hisoty between the two of you, and starts fresh, just to make sure everything's cleaned out.

2018 04 05 - 18:34

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