I work for one of those companies that foists customer satisfaction surveys on its customers. I find these things annoying, and don't fill them out.

Yesterday, however, I found out another side to this noxious habit: My job is outright on the line if I don't get at least ten percent of my inbound calls to complete the survey. That's right, something that is really beyond my control is now my fault, and I could lose my job if I don't get enough of my customers to complete that survey. It's my fault if they hang up after I transfer them, apparently. I am supposed to cajole and manipulate people into filling out this survey. If enough don't, I will be termintated.

There is absolutely nothing under the law that protects me. The only thing that could result, is if it can be proved that I was keeping up my end of the bargain and not violating this company policy, and was still terminated and they denied me the severance pay I am entitled to, I could make a claim with the labour ministry to get that severance. There is no union, so there's no protection that way either. The lady at the ministry said I could seek legal advice if I wanted, and gave me the info on getting a free half-hour consultation with a lawyer.

2018 02 12 - 15:24