I found out that someone who was hired after me, got a "promotion" ahead of me. This in no fashion bothers me, as it's not a job change I'd have wanted; but what does get me, is that it's more work, demonic amounts more stress, and she won't be getting paid a single cent more for the 'privilege'. She also has no choice in the matter. You either take the position, or you quit your job. I'm not even certain that's legal, to have your job changed like that, without request, permission, or assent.
Yet more joyful aspects of working a customer service minimum wage job.
She'll be made what's called a "superagent" - which means she'll not only be taking calls for customer service for accounts and appointment bookings, but also e-commerce calls for online purchases; which I am told is a brutal job - customers are more demanding, and they're working with systems that are hampered in some pretty spectacular ways, which makes their job slower and harder to perform. It means less likelihood of getting out of work early ever, because there's too much demand on a superagent's time and abilities; it also means less ability to swap shifts, as a superagent and a regular agent can't swap; it means the likelihood of more required overtime, even if you don't want it.
And not a cent more in your pocket.
Not that money is the answer to all things; but if you're going to change a person's job into something more demanding and stressful than what they're currently doing, you could at least do them the courtesy of paying them more.
The impression I got from her is that she's not too keen on the idea, but she's got no choice but to take it, or quit.
Thankfully, I don't excel at my job (purposefully), or I'd be stuck in the same position. I do my job 'well enough', but not 'too well'. I found out early on about the forced superagent thing, and am making sure I never get stuck doing it. I don't feel compelled to increase the amount of meaningless stress in my life.

2017 10 28 - 06:15