Let's Make A Deal

Let's Make A Deal

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One day, half-way through my last year at Blue Line, the entire dispatch staff was handed a copy of this document. Rather than offer us a real raise, this is what they wanted to do. Everyone signed it - but me.

They tried to talk me into it, but since it was such a bullshit thing to do (in my not so humble opinion) I told them, more or less, that I couldn't be bought. It was a constant cesspool of negativity there, with little to no recognition for decent work, and this kind of punishment instead. The part of this that offended me most, was not so much that they made the offer, but that they turned it into a game, a joke, and expected us to find it delightful.

A few months later they 'found' a way to fire me - improperly, I might add - I should have gone to the labour board, but I couldn't be arsed. I was relieved to finally be rid of the place.

2015 02 18 - 08:42